Dental Implants


Dental Implants

Dental implants are an ideal way to replace missing teeth. As substitute roots, implants bond with the bone to form a stable foundation for permanent replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. We will carefully examine your mouth and x-rays to find out if dental implants are right for you.

dental implants in burnaby

Dental Implants FAQs

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Dental implants restore full chewing power and functions. Patients can eat normally as with their own teeth.
  • Dental implants prevent bone loss. When there is no tooth, the jaw bone in the empty space shrinks over time due to lack of stimulation.
  • Dental implants keep adjacent teeth stable. The gap from the missing teeth can cause adjacent teeth to move and shift toward the gap.
  • Dental implants don't involve adjacent teeth. A bridge on the other hand requires the adjacent teeth to be shaved down to make room for the bridge.

Treatment Process

  • At our dental office in Burnaby, the typical treatment will take a couple of stages. During the first stage, the dental implant is placed in your jawbone beneath the gum tissue. As it heals, the implant will bond with the bone. This may take several months to heal. Most people only experience mild discomfort and soreness after the surgery. During the second stage, an artificial replacement tooth is custom made and attaches to the implant. Dental implants can also be used to support bridges and dentures.

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