Children’s Dentistry


As a family practice, we love to care for your whole family and your children's oral health.  We want to ensure they have a healthy growth and development.  We are able to take care of their smiles throughout their adolescent, teenage, and adult years.  We recommend bringing children into the office around age 2 to get them acquainted with the office and we can count their teeth and clean them.  We will look for any signs of cavities and help them develop a good brushing habit.  If your child needs any work done, we will customize the appointment according to the child's age, needs and level of cooperation.  In general, they should see the dentist twice a year or about every six months.

We will treat your child as our own and perform the dental treatment in the easiest and safest way possible.

Here are some ways to help prepare your kid for their first appointment.

  • Bring a favorite toy or comfort item along to their appointment.
  • Stay positive when talking out their upcoming dental visits.
  • Read them kid's books about dentists and going to the dentist.

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